The new netiquette (was Nicholae Googlescu's net company)

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Someone: hi there. welcome to my xnew's kill-file

Response: You haven't read the new netiquette. If you are killfiling someone, don't advertise
it, or go back to a Texas bar staring at black people, a bar playing slow country

Black person: So howdy kill-filer, public humiliator and nigerizer. Stop the slow country
once in a while, if you could. Aint life nice. You can sit in your Texas bar, listen to slow
country and plunk niggers out of the bar with your comments. Aint the net the best Texas
bar in the world?

Please revise the new netiquette: No public plunking, kill-filing, and no back talk. No Texas
Bar behaviors. Stay on topic, even to the title of the thread: Nicholae Ceaucescu's company
and net street cameras is the topic.

You confused me. I mean Nicholae Googlescu's company is the topic.

What would you have to say to that topic? Should Google archive? I said no,
because most messages are of private interests, private questions.
Archiving that violates human rights, because posts are personal conduct,
no different than people's conduct  on streets. We don't want cameras on the
streets, cameras annoy people, why should we have cameras by Google on
the net?

That's what I was talking about. Google needs to stop its archiving

Actually the new Netiquette mentions that archiving usenet is not appropriate.

Most Google enthusiasts tend to answer that usenet was always archived,
with or without Google, by the large Universities who maintains usenet
archives do not make them available to the public. So archiving usenet
and making it all available to the public is not appropriate. What do you think?
Anybody normal?

And no shovenism if possible. Is it so hard, the netiquette?

(This time I did not notice any typographs above.)

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