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Hello in the fog

You know that small box in your pc?  the one that makes the whizzy noises  
and gets hot?  No, not the fan, the Hard Drive silly - you do know that is  
the little box of magic that holds all the data you ever captured?  still  
with me?  ok, good.  now when you dispose of your PC, please do remember  
to employ best practice data destruction techniques.  Some have suggested  
sending it to yourself by Parcel Force.  Other don't /

Fiddlin' about down under - MelbourneIT is expanding in it's own back yard  
by slurping up WebCentral Group.  That's 25.8K active sites for US$45.7m,  
giving each site a notional value of US$1,771 - which on the face of it  
seems a little high.

Yahoo & eBay continue to play footsie but are yet uncommitted to a  
fulfilling union:

Google have slipped under the covers with Dell to insert a new virus -  
oops, search software on every new PC sold by that manufacturer:

Oh yes - we're in the middle of a drought here in dear ole Blighty.  I  
know this because our blessed Govt assures us we're having one - odd  
drought, I see my kids splashing through it every day on the way to school.

William Tasso

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William Tasso wrote

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[snip good stuff]

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Only in the south of dear old Blighty!  I'm thinking about getting into
the water exporting game!

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Hoot!  They were saying on the radio today, it's the wettest drought on

Charles Sweeney

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