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Many of you will know I have precious little time for cp (control panel)  
type systems - far too restrictive and result in a plethora of 'me too'  
hosting outfits.  Imagine my joy at receiving not one, not two, no not  
three, but four yes four mails this week from a purveyor of one such  
application - shan't name names but they're big in the world of Windows  
hosting (or would like to be).  Each mail starts .... "We Hate Spam Too!:  
..."   Remember folk, when you evaluate software - even if you pay for it  
- use a mail address you can safely/cheerfully disconnect.

Staying on that subject for a moment (you'll see the connection in a  
moment) ... There's been a bit of a shakedown at Docklands (London UK),  
two fairly large datacentre operators have merged.  This week my mailbox  
was graced with comms from the new "Site Supervisor" at one of the  
locations where I have a few servers.  His name?  R... Spamer - I kid you  

Movers & Shakers I: Fasthosts has sold out to United Internet (Parent co  
of 1&1) for 61.5m   Fasthosts have 299K active sites (netcraft) placing a  
value of just over 200 per site.  Sounds reasonable (assuming 1&1 did  
their sums right).

Movers & Shakers II: VeriSign will acquire GeoTrust Inc., for $125m - have  
fun on the beach chaps.

Cracks have been appearing in the internet infrastructure for some time -  
however, this week they showed up here.  For those that missed them: - oh well, gotta park your bike some  
place :)

My favourite 'help' call this week leads me to remind each and every one  
that coffee & keyboards is not a good mix - it makes the coffee taste  
weird.  just too weird.

Have fun and .... be careful out there.
William Tasso

Re: The Friday Post

On Fri, 19 May 2006 22:31:18 +0100, "William Tasso"

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As when I sent an email complaining of racist attitudes at the Hedge
End Sainsbury's, and have subsequently been deluged (well received a
number) of unsolicited commercial advertising emails from said
supermarket chain.

Or when I sent an email to the prime minister via the Labour party,
and while I didn't receive a reply to my question, I know they
received it as I was inundated with unsolicited emails from the party
telling me how fantastic they are and the like.

Yes "spammers are stupid", they include the British government and one
of Britain's biggest supermarket chains..... Perhaps stupid is not
quite the right insult?


Veritas Vincti

Re: The Friday Post

Matt Probert scribed:

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I think I suffered the ultimate spam insult. I purchased text messaging
for my cell phone at something like 50 per message sent or received. I
started receiving text messages from my cell service provider announcing
promotions. No big deal thought I...until I received my monthly invoice
and found that my provider was charging me for each spam message they sent
to my phone.
Ed Jay (remove 'M' to respond by email)

Re: The Friday Post


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I had one person seriously ask me if I thought putting the keyboard into
the dishwasher might be a good idea.
She ignored my advise to toss the keyboard (it was one of those chain-
store cheapies) and buy another, and compromised by washing the thing by

It worked. 18 months on, she's still using it ...

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Re: The Friday Post

Joe realised that alt.www.webmaster was a little too quiet...

[Washing a keyboard]
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No reason why it shouldn't! As long as you don't use anything corrosive
and you let it dry out properly, then washing a cola-sticky keyboard
will usually work. Just don't try it with a laptop ;)

Dylan Parry -- Where the Music Progressively Rocks!

Re: The Friday Post

Dylan Parry wrote:
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Reminds me of a time (about 1982-83) when I was hanging out with the
guys from HAL Labs (if anyone remembers them...) - one of them spilled
soda on the (5-1/4") disk with the ONLY copy of their current project.

They slit the edge open, removed the actual disk, washed it gently with
warm water & dish soap, dried it off, and put it into another disk sleeve.

It worked - they were able to read the info.

They then immediately made a dozen backups!

Re: The Friday Post

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she had that covered too. She dried it with her hair-dryer.

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