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Greetings from sunny England

Siemens AG recently pulled out of a move to a new purpose built  
headquarters campus in Staines on receiving advice from their telephonists.

In other (slightly related) news ...

the sun is out
the sky is blue
there's not a cloud to spoil the view
and it's not even raining in my car now I've fitted the new sunroof into  
the gaping hole left when the last one expired on contact with a  
scaffolding pole.

Now is the time (for those of us in the northern hemisphere) to check the  
fans & filters on those servers - even those in a cushioned environment.  
Do it this week-end, if not before.

I leave you now with this thought:

Yes, it's from yesterday, but Friday is a good day to weed out the herd.

William Tasso

Re: The Friday Post

On Fri, 05 May 2006 16:28:33 +0100, "William Tasso"

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Thank you ELO....<g>

Update...This is England....Saturday ewas bloody miserable, cold, wet,
grey and overcast with loads of rain.

And why, did I just spend *all* Saturday shopping, in the rain, with
she who must be obeyed and she who winges? (take your pick as to which
is which)


Re: The Friday Post

On Sat, 06 May 2006 16:38:49 GMT, Matt Probert put finger to keyboard
and typed:

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No it wasn't - it was a nice sunny day with a pleasant cooling breeze
to take the edge off the heat of the sun :-)

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Whereas I mowed the lawn in the morning and then we spent the rest of
the day in the Peak District, stopping for lunch at a nice little cafe
in the Manifold Valley, where we sat outside by the river as we ate.

Visit: - Community Radio in the UK
Listen: - you'll love it!

Re: The Friday Post

Fleeing from the madness of the The Good Stuff Company of the UK jungle
and said:

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Well I guess I must live roughly betwixt & between you two - It was a  
gorgeous sunny morning and a bloody miserable afternoon

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Aha - did the cafe run with bambinos then made some horrible mess with a  
grinder and my old arc welder - rain stopped play.  Unfortunately, the job  
is too big to drag into the garage and I didn't fancy playing with high  
current electickery in the rain.

William Tasso

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