The Evils of /24 blacklisting

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Our brick and mortar business doesn't have the bandwidth to support
our web sites.  As a result, we employ a remote dedicated server with
a static IP.  The server is part of a network where one or more
servers unafilliated with us look to be guilty of spam.  The whole
network has been blacklisted by SORBS.  This means that our particular
IP is being hampered when trying to communicate with legitimate

I have a 54 megabyte exim log that exemplifies the evils of spam.
I've spent time examining this and earlier log files, and find no
evidence that our mail server is an open relay.  I'm also continuing
to educate myself to further assure that our server blocks all
attempts at illegitimate use.  That being said, I find the
blacklisting of an entire /24 network with no chance of reprieve for
individual IP addresses innocent of transgression to be as morally
indefensable as the act of spamming.  Spam wastes my time.  So does
having to deal with the policies of SORBS.  I and the company I work
for are being punished for the sins of others.

According to the SORBS site, is the
offending node.  There could be multiple offenders on this network.  I
don't know, and I shouldn't have to know.  SORBS is trying to make
this my responsibility.  If my hosting company isn't showing due
diligence as defined by SORBS,  then SORBS says that I'm the one
responsible for convincing them to do otherwise.  Should I be arrested
because my neighbor is dealing drugs?

We're being coerced by SORBS to take up their battle cry.  I'm all for
fighting spam, but would be much more likely to participate in that
fight as a recruit than as a draftee.

Re: The Evils of /24 blacklisting

bugman wrote:
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If you're in a high drug neighborhood, your property values decline,
along with your quality of life. It looks like much the same thing. Get
the host to clean it up or switch hosts.

Re: The Evils of /24 blacklisting

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Ever tried to deal with some fucks that own a /24 or even more? It takes a
lot of effort to get some to clean up their shit. Blocking their entire
range and hoping that their customers drop them like the clueless shit
they are is best.

If I were you I would force my hosting provider to fix their shit within
24 hrs or leave them if they are incompetent.

John Bokma                            

Re: The Evils of /24 blacklisting

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I don't think most people realise just how much spam is actually out there.

To most people they probably look at it like "Sheesh, I got like 5 spam
emails today!  I hate that spam stuff!" and to them thats pretty the extent
of the "spam problem".  But what they don't see is whats going on at the
mailserver level where there could be hundreds or thousands of spam emails
being filtered each day that they aren't seeing.

It really is like if you opened a business in a bad part of town and nobody
wanted to come buy from you because of your neighborhood: you can either
stay where you are and work with whats available and do the best you can...
or move and open up somewhere better.

Re: The Evils of /24 blacklisting

Auggie wrote:
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I know how much spam there is out there.  My email servers reject
hundreds of emails every day.  A small percentage gets through, but over
a month I would say 60-80% of *all* emails are rejected.  And no
complaints about false positive from any of my clients.

Sure, a few spam emails get through.  But not that many.

Also, most of my clients don't publish their email addresses on the
internet, so it isn't that they're addys are being harvested.

Spam is a real problem.  It costs all of us.

Remove the "x" from my email address
Jerry Stuckle
JDS Computer Training Corp.

Re: The Evils of /24 blacklisting

Auggie wrote:
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I know how bad it is...

 From: 2008-01-20
 Thru: 2008-01-22

Deleted SPAM:
abuseat = 9 = 35
spamcop = 10906
spamhaus = 2406
sorbs spam = 91
SPAM Kills = 13447

Fake or Unsafe:
Virus/Atch = 1
Forged HELO = 0
No Host = 3362
No IP = 1688
No Relay = 120
Bad Sender = 336
Bad Recpt = 1542
Fake Kills = 7048


Re: The Evils of /24 blacklisting

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I receive in the region of 300+ each day to my personal account. The
only solution, and I make no apologies for it, is to reject the
sending domains.



Re: The Evils of /24 blacklisting

bugman wrote:

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That's really something you should have checked before signing up.

You have several options:

1. Stick to the status quo.

2. Keep your current host for your websites, but use a different server
(perhaps the outgoing mail server for your office's ISP) for mail.

3. Switch to a more responsible host. This is more than just about the
SORBS issue. Your current situation means that either they didn't notice
they had been blacklisted by a significant portion of the online
community, in which case they're incompetent; or they knew they were
blacklisted, but were happy to take your money anyway without warning you
about the situation, in which case they're pricks. So they're either
incompetent, or they're pricks -- and you shouldn't rule out the
possibility that both are the case.

Toby A Inkster BSc (Hons) ARCS
[Geek of HTML/SQL/Perl/PHP/Python/Apache/Linux]
[OS: Linux, up 24 days, 21:31.]

                            CSS to HTML Compiler

Re: The Evils of /24 blacklisting

On 24 Jan 2008 Toby A Inkster wrote in alt.www.webmaster

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really not many things worse than having an incompetent prick, especially
when she points at it and laughs. :(


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