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Dear Valued Businessman/BusinessLady, is one of the first ICANN Accredited Registrars and CNNIC
Accredited Domestic Registrars in China.
Great amount of domain extensions with low prices and provide VDNS
(Virtual Domain Name Server) services of its Secondary Domain Name.
10XGE FDDI directly to ChinaNet to ensure stability and high speed.
CyberIP, Anti-spam email, Website DIY,Internet call cards.
SCP's auto management(Smart Channel Provider) for resellers.

Once you become our reseller, we will offer the free interface mode
API(Application Program Interface Mode) and 40% discount of our
products to you.
Integrate a real-time, domain name registration process with your site
by using our powerful SCP API (Support PHP ASP.NET and JAVA).
Perfect solution for high-volume resellers and satisfactory
service(7*24 hours).Unbeatable price with highest grade
quality(quality guaranteed the best!)

Join us on: for a free trail.
We support bulk registration for 30 together domains.

.CN Domain(first year: $0.14) -----Surprise Price
.WS $13.94
.SH/AC/IO $60.89
-TM $ 155.62
.US $16.24
.HK $24.36 (first year: $12.31)
.COM $6.77
.INFO $7.58
.NAME $8.53
.WS $13.94
.TW $29.77
.TV $40.05
.CC $34.91
.MOBI $15.29
.TRAVEL $175.37
Accordingly,you can register more domain names,Such
as:.Asia/.LA / .VC / .SC / .BZ / .AG / .IN / .MN etc.Details pls
We will be authoritied to register .eu/ .sg/.pro/.aero/ .am/ .at/ .be/ .ch/ .cnidn/ .cnregional/
.cx/ .de/ .es/ .eu/ .fm/ .gd/ .gs/ .im/ .it/ .jobs/ .jp/
.ki/ .li/ .md/ .ms/ .mu/ .nf/ .nl/ .nu/ .pl/ .ru/ .se/ .sg/ .tc/ .tk/ .tl/
.twidn/ .vg

Any further enquires, Pls don't hesitate to contact us:
Skype:sharon841101          Direct-Tel: (86) 756 2282523

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