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I posted the note at the bottom of the page on April 23.    Since then
I have finally managed to put together a personal web page that seems
to meet my needs.   I thank all of you ladies and gentlemen for the
help I received from lurking in this group.   It's amazing what you
can learn from people who know what they are doing :-)

One thing I did NOT learn was the art of web design.  I figure that
aspect is an art,  and I need not attempt it.  But over the past 5
months,  I have managed to pick up on how to do the nuts and bolts of
building a personal page. (as opposed to a commercial one) With
practice, the HTML comes fairly easy because it's mostly logic.  But
the CSS is not for amateurs.   I incorporated a little CSS into my
pages,  not because it's all that good,  but because I like to think I
learned "something".

Thanks again,  and good luck to everybody.

F.C. /


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