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Re: Targetpoint banned in Webmaster World ?

On Wed, 02 Nov 2005 23:37:55 GMT, "lostinspace"

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No. The issue is that Webmaster World does not allow mention of an
advertising agency that rivals Google Adsense. This ban covers ALL
Webmaster World public forums.

Apparently, and Viper very kindly pointed this out, just over a year
ago an unknown person created a few advertising threads and then used
further fake Ids to discuss them with him/her self on Webmaster world
and at least one other forum. Whether or not that person was directly
involved with Targetpoint has never been established.

However, the owner of Webmaster World has chosen to ban all mention of
Targetpoint, period. That's his choice, it's his BBS. I had simply
enquired as to why.


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Re: Targetpoint banned in Webmaster World ?

Matt Probert wrote

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I wonder what else he doesn't allow users to talk about, or what other
names they are not allowed to mention.  Maybe he draws up a list from time
to time which users check to see which names they are permitted to mention
on that day?

Charles Sweeney

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