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Hey, I just thought I would share a story about

I have a new credit card, my wallet was pickpocketed back in Dec which
is another story, but anyway I think failed credit cards are pretty

Yesterday I got an e-mail from about a failed payment but there
was no mention about what it was for, so I ignored like it was a phish
e-mail or something..

Then this morning I notice my hosting account is suspended, so I quick
put two and two together and get my CC payment record all in order,
still OK.

Then I contact and explain the situation, but they
REFUSE to reinstate my account, why? Because they haven't gotten word
yet from 2CO or something.

But they got word from me! I send them a few e-mails which they
responded to. I also talk to them via their support message board. They
definitely know the situation but they don't unsuspend the account.

I'm pretty upset they don't unsuspend my account and also they
suspended it so quickly without proper notice.

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Re: Suspended Account ?? says...
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Given all the fraud that goes on (I was a victim a few years ago), it
seems to me that is following a sound business model.  
Why would they take your word for it?  I agree - they should wait to
hear directly from the credit card issuer.

Re: Suspended Account ??

Yes, but can't they check or otherwise tell me a way to show that I am
good for the payment instead of letting my suspension linger on

Also, they should do better due diligence on warning before making a


Re: Suspended Account ??

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You said they did but you ignored it. People are not going to send a Strip'O
Gram to your door asking you to pay your bills on time.

Re: Suspended Account ??

Yes, but the warning from 2CO should at least say what it is for.

Also, they should send a warning themselves, they really should not
just rely on the 2CO e-mail with no information about what it's for and
then immediately suspend the next day without trying to contact me
themselves. And I have been telling them that I updated my 2CO CC info
for twelve hours already and they don't seem to be able to verify it or
unsuspend my account or tell me what I can do besides wait for them to
make it be unsuspended, instead they tell me I never updated my 2CO
information which is absolutely untrue, I already forwarded to them the
confirmation from 2CO, but they don't seem to recognize it.. Terrible


Re: Suspended Account ??

I'm not looking for a stripper, but at least some e-mail notice from
them would have been appreciated, how the heck sort of notification is
it just to suspend the account?


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