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Id like to redirect dialup users to a lower bandwidth version of a
site while still allowing broadband users to go the full monty.
Thought about this a bit and come up with the following:
If I had an image that downloaded as the browser opened my page which
was of a known size, could I somehow measure the time it took to
display and then calculate their speed and redirect from there?
Obviously Id have to stop the image caching otherwise from second
visit on they would always be on fast speed, and theres always the
possibility that broadband could be slow at that particular moment, so
Id have a button per page that allowed the user to swap back to his
chosen speed.
Is this feasible? How?

Re: surfing speed detection/redirection

who wrote:
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Hmmmm, you could, but it would be a lot of buggering around.

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Not really, what if people had images disabled, they would not get
their speed tested properly and your entire script would be buggered.
You would be better off just makeing one site for all, or use a form
and get the user to select his or her speed, but for an informational
site, I would just minomize the amount of graphics used and keep script
to a minimum. As even though Broadband is quicker, you get charged by
the MB.
Also doing it your way, you need to maintain two sites, which would be
a hassle come time for a re-design.
Regards Chad.

Re: surfing speed detection/redirection

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Not necessarily the case. In fact, in the UK is generally not the case -
users often have bandwidth limits or restrictions, but few pay per MB.

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An altogether more compelling reason.


Re: surfing speed detection/redirection

CJM wrote:
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Uni's and high schools do though, as well as government organisations I
would presume.
I pay by the MB here at Uni, but at home we get 10 GB a month, and they
class that as unlimited.
Regards Chad.

Re: surfing speed detection/redirection

Chaddy2222 wrote:
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Not at universities here in the U.S., AFAIK.  And not government or

I've never paid an access charge by the MB (or even KB back in the 300
baud days).  Only my servers are monitored.

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Jerry Stuckle
JDS Computer Training Corp.

Re: surfing speed detection/redirection

Jerry Stuckle wrote:
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Here neither, allthough Universities sometimes put a limit on the upload to
the web (outside the own network). They're trying to avoid the users to
make it a nexus for illegal software etc. because of the 100Mbit and higher

But that limit here last time I checked was 50GB in a week... (equals a
steady 87KB/s => 639Kb/s upstream, who the hell uses that..) And just a
slap on the wrist if you accidentaly go over that.

Save for a few people who still use a dail-up connections, almost noone has
an official limitation (only speed-limitation), allthough there is a
fair-user policy offcourse: if your sending so much data it becomes slow
for the rest, you're politely asked to take it a little bit easier :-).
Rik Wasmus

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