Suggest a registrar with low rates for +50 domains?

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I'm "heparding"more than 50 domains (mostly .com with a few .net and
.org) and am looking for an alternative to Registerfly. (am I the only
one who finds their UI irritating?)

Looks like I can pay $6.75 per domain at is $6.99 per but with an upfront prepay.
Anybody using Olinenic?


Re: Suggest a registrar with low rates for +50 domains?

On Thu, 01 Dec 2005 01:16:27 GMT, (jj)
posted something that included:

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Their retail prices go up and down. If you are a reseller, I believe
it's $7.75 per domain year plus $99 a year, or $7.00 per domain year
plus $199 a year.

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They've been around quite a while, but I don't know anyone who has
used them at all.

You can sign up as a PublicDomainRegistry reseller at
You would pay $7.00 per domain year, no annual fee, and need $50
instead of $349 to get started.

I confess I am biased in this matter; my wife owns Domain750. If you
would rather deal *directly* with PublicDomainRegistry, it's $6.99 per
domain year, and $75 deposit to get started, no annual fee. I'd be
happy to supply you a link for that purpose. They are in Mumbai,
however. If you go through us, it's a toll-free phone call that gets
answered in Lancaster PA 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Both GoDaddy and PublicDomainRegistry have annoying UIs. Enom has a
nice interface, but they want about an extra $2 a year. For someone
who only has one or two domains, Enom is definitely the best way to
go. If you have dozens of domains to deal with, though, that #2 adds

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