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Submit Link a trend that help online business, and webs to get more
traffic, not only traffic, number of targeted visitors to give a big
business and appreciation. The definition of link submission or link
promotion is like marketing your product with some keywords, nicks
which can target by the users.

Earlier days webmasters and well known promoters have made several
mistakes like submitting link only to related website and categories,
to get targeted achievement, in that days, I have done hard work to
promote my client websites, most of them were Pharmaceutical, Health,
Viagra and hosting webs, they got very good business and response in
all search engines, a good Page Rank 4 at Google Ranking, Still some
peoples sign up guestbook, post comment to generate traffic, even
writing article and distribution also generate maximum results in
return, at developer level some have start providing Stat Counter with
there links, third party guestbook, forums, and many more ideas.

I find link submit idea is like to popular your link name. The living
example is like a person living in a town where all know him, and
another person who is unknown for every one, just like those website
which are not linked to other website and nobody knows it, It will
never appear in search engine, because search engine crawl only those
link which are linked to many or some but from popular links, or a
heavy traffic driving site.

As the example, its very easy to find a famous and known person, then a
unknown person, the more you link to other website more domains like
peoples know you, so your domain get more crawler and result in the

If you are ready to link your website too other domains and web
directories, then you have to provide the same facility for other too,
who have made the same idea to promote there website, for this reason
you need a link directory page, if you are good programmer then you can
create your own, else going with third party is not negative for
promotion of your web. is a very wonderful link directory page creator, It
promotes your link to many way, you can copy the code and save it under
<html> Submit Link Provided Code Here </html> and save as links.html or
whatever file name you like, Search Engine Crawler will read the page
from your domain, and also it will promote your business from the
member directory page.

The Submitlink directory gives a admin panel for signup members to
approve/decline the links submitted by the visitors, manage category,
can write notes with the categories, indicates the new link. Easy
Submit link, more over a contact form, user can contact the link
manager from its link page. they can notify or send comment directly to
your email via using contact us form.

The best about is that all pages are indexed in all
major search engines, pages from other websites also indexed in 24
hours. The popularity of the service become more high. Signup for a
free link page account.

The Submit link affiliate give you short url service, to minimize your
long favorite, groups or blog links into small link to remember what
exactly you searched and can refresh with the converted

=A9 Ibrahim Machiwala (Lodhi) Link Manager & : : :

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