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I am trying to understand the data created by webalizer.

Viewing the log from a large site for one month it shows hits for the
root page as well as separate entries for various sub pages.

To get an idea of visits to the site does one have to add the stats for
all sub pages or is it just the highest number that counts.

Geoff Lane

Re: Sub Page Visits

Geoff Lane wrote:
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First: There is a difference between hits and visits.

Second: A stats package can only give you a rough idea, not an accurate

A hit is any time a request was sent to the server. If someone looks at
your home page, there is a hit for the HTML file, another for the CSS
file and more for each image, etc, that is on the page. One visit will
generate several hits.

Anyone can get to your site through any page (generally speaking). If
someone visits a sub page, you don't know if they entered the site
through that page, or if they went there from some other page.

Stats package will try to estimate the number of "visits" to your site.
This number is a rough estimate that can be skewed by any number of factors.

The question you are asking assumes a greater level of accuracy than is
possible with stats. You can't look at your stats and say that X number
of people visited your site this month. You can say that traffic is
roughly X times what it was last year at this time. You can say that
this page appears to be more popular than that page.

If I want to get a rough idea of the number of visitors to my site, I
only look at the home page stats. My site is structured in a way that
almost anyone who finds the site will enter through the home page.
Actually, I seldom look at the stats anymore. In time, I think you will
find that they really aren't that important.

Re: Sub Page Visits

Scott Bryce wrote:

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Thanks for informative reply.

I do appreciate that stats are only a very rough guide, it was more
understanding the webalizer output.

Geeoff Lane

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