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what's generally better, pros/cons, etc etc...
suppose for example, i own - and i want to create

should i do it this way:


this way:

Re: Sub Domains & Categories

On Fri, 12 Oct 2007 21:01:25 -0700, Lawrence Lugar put finger to
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Either will work. The former is more suitable if you want to be able
to configure each subsite separately, or even run them on different
web hosts. The latter, though, is easier if you want it all to share
the same template and design.

Also, for some reason, people seem to find it easier to remember
addresses in the form of '' than they do in the
form of ''. I suspect that's partly because a lot
of people still have the impression that every website address begins
with 'www', and can't cope with the concept of one that starts with
something else. If you do use subdomains, therefore, it's a good idea
to also have them as directories on the main site and configure the
server to redirect to the subdomain sites.

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Re: Sub Domains & Categories

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My rule of thumb is to respect the hierarchy.  If your layout carries
across all pages or your navigation has sibling links from "pets" to
"cars", use  If the content is distinct and mostly
unrelated, use  Compare what I have at
< and < , especially when
it comes to the page off the main site that bridges the two
< .

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