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Hi Everyone,

I have a number of domain names registered through Doster, and I
normally use PageZone for all my hosting.  I want to however see if
it's possible to have subdomains resolve to different IP addresses.
Example, if someone visits , I'd like it to point
to the website hosted at Pagezone.  If they visit
telnet:// I want it to resolve to a server I run at
home on my cablemodem.  Alternatively if someone visits I want it to resolve to another FTP server on
another network.

I'm not sure how to do this...  Using CPanel with PageZone is it
possible?  Alternatively is there a free or for charge service that
offers this?  

Thanks --


Re: Sub-Domain Resolution

Alex wrote:
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Technically you can add a CNAME to your DNS record and have that point
wherever you like.

For example, (a subdomain of our commercial site)
is a CNAME for (we outsource our email handling). Not
sure how to do that via your CPanel.

Re: Sub-Domain Resolution

Pondering the eternal question of "Hobnobs or Rich Tea?", Alex finally

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Not in CPanel, but you can do it in WebHost Manager if you have a
multiple domain account with Page Zone.

Once you've logged into WHM, click on the "Edit DNS Zone" link in the
menu, then choose the domain you wish to edit. Then add new "A" records
for your domain, eg.

My DNS Zone for one of my domains has:

dotnet    14400    in     A

So "" points to a service on the above IP address,
but "" is on

Of course, the server that you are pointing the subdomain to has to be
expecting requests for that subdomain too.

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Re: Sub-Domain Resolution

Fleeing from the madness of the jungle
and said:

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Jim at pagezone is a reasonable chap - have you asked him?

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yes - you'd be looking for "FREE DNS SERVERS" in your favourite s/e.

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