sub domain question???

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I am having trouble installing a ssl certificate. I requested the
certificate for , I created a subdomain at calling it

In the root directory (of the ssl folder the certificates
were uploaded but it doesn't seem to work.

Is the same as ?? If
I don't put the https I see the index page but if I put the https the page
doesn't display....

Any ideas?



Re: sub domain question???

plato wrote:

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Well, doesn't resolve to anything in DNS, and looking at
the whois information, I'm guessing that you don't actually own Please use for examples, that is what it is
there for.

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Different servers have different ways to configure SSL. Consult the manual
for your webserver. If you do not run your own webserver, consult the
documentation (or, failing that, technical support) of your hosting
provider. They should be able to tell you how their systems expect to work.

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Your system might be configured to map subdomains onto subdirectories under
the web root of the higher level domain. It might not. We can't know.

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"Doesn't display" is too vague. What does display? An error message? What
error message?

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