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For the past few weeks my web stats are showing a flood of hits from
all sorts of unrelated poker sites? My guess is they are creating
artificial hits to my site so webmasters will click on them to see what
they are. Anyone else experiencing this? What can be done about it so
they stop messing up my web stats?


Re: Stupid poker sites


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Take your site offline.

Charles Sweeney

Re: Stupid poker sites

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Webstat software's do not count 403's.

SetEnvIfNoCase Referer keyword keep_out
RewriteCond % ^ /* [OR]
I don't recall the RewriteCond line for user-agent, it's not something I
use. It may apply either the "begins with" or "ends with" or "contains".

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Some sites publish links to recent referers, or have public stats pages that
have links to referers in them. Its evil GoogleRank abuse.

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Many people

Create a black list and write an apache module to filter them out, or
(simpler) grep -v them out of the logs.

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Re: Stupid poker sites

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better still - stop publishing your access stats.  referer spammers are  
drawn to stats pages like flies to sh1te

Whatever you do - do something.

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