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Is there any way to alias a top level domain?

My boss has set me the challenge of being able to type example) into a web browser and be taken to  He wants this to be done on-the-fly as it were so all
websites with a .local TLD would work so editing the hosts file is out
of the question.  He says its a 5 minute job using a DNS Server but
wont tell me anymore, my brain is melting...

Considering Im a total newby when it comes to this Im completely
stumped, any ideas out there?

Re: Stumped...

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I'm not a DNS expert, but I have dabbled a little.

Firstly, do you have access to the DNS server that all your workstations are
using? If the answer is no then forget it (I'm not sure why your boss would
want this anyway).

If you can configure the dns server then what seems to work for me on my
test server, is to create a new forward lookup zone called local and then
add a new cname "google" pointing it to This then means I can
ping google.local and it gets mapped to However, this would
still require you to add an entry for each domain that you want mapped, so
it doesn't give you much over going the hosts file route. Whilst it would
allow you to create new mappings as you go, this would still be a manual
process. I don't think you can simply map .local = .com.

Hope this helps somewhat.
Brian Cryer

Re: Stumped...

On Friday 30 September 2005 10:41, Steed( wrote in

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Can't he just type in the correct address?

What's the real-world problem? Maybe there's a better way than automatically
substituting '.com' for '.local'

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