Streaming Live Video?

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Has anyone done any live streaming video themselves?

I'm scrambling to get something into my budget for this.

It looks like at the very least I'd need some sort of DV cam with a
firewire output, and I'm looking at a box like the Canon VB150 (link
below), but it can only support 50 connections, and I think I'll have
to support about 200-250.

I don't mind buying hardware, but I don't want anything that's going to
require me to have Windows Server, I'd rather have it run on Linux or
let people connect directly to the box like the VB150.  Ideally, I'd
like to be able to have the video play through a Java applet, the
recently popular Flash interface or Windows Media Player.  According to
awstats, less than 50% of our visitors have Quicktime installed and
even less than that have Real Player.

Coming up with bandwidth shouldn't be a problem.

Any information would be helpful, I'm having a hard time finding
information on
this stuff.

Canon VB150:

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