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I was wondering if anyone has used or has any particular experience
with a live stock price feed?

The IDEAL would be something that could be added into a plain HTML page
and would load along with the page - invisible to the user. Something
like some of those hosted hit-counters that nobody seems to like :)

I want something with no ads. A subscription service is fine -
basically, I just need to track one stock, preferably with a graph.

Thanks for the input...

Re: Stock feeds

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More than I would wish on my worst enemy, less than some people who
actually like playing with the things.

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There are a couple routes you can go.

There are a number of free "realtime" quote services available, if you
can't find them I could no doubt dredge my old bookmarks and find
something for you; HOWEVER they without exception (to my knowledge)
specifically forbid the automatic use of their realtime quotes.

The legitimate route is to pay for a realtime feed.  This has some
benefits, such as things like "reliability" and "performance" but has
the downside that it costs moolah.  These places have their rules of
engagement too, some say they are for interactive use only (not
automated) and others are quite willing to be used by web-servers and
the like.

The one that sticks in mind as being most amenable to automated use,
and which provides myriad feeds (equities, options, futures) from
various markets (US, European, you name it) is but
it's been a while and I'm not 100% certain they are still in business,
though stock brokers tend to get bought not bankrupt.  They provided a
number of interfaces to their realtime system several years ago.

Good luck, it's an ugly world when stock prices come into the picture.


Re: Stock feeds

hug wrote:
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Not an issue in this case.

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I'll check them out - thx

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