Stats analysis of two sites

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Which site has more traffic based on the following table:

======= ================ =================
               MONTHLY AVG          DAILY AVG
======= ================ =================
               site 1   | site 2              |  site 1 | site 2
visits       1126    | 817                 |  112    | 68
pages     15525   | 17351              |  1552   | 1445
hits         20770  | 46320               |  2077   | 3860
sites       711      | 315



Re: Stats analysis of two sites

Norman wrote:

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<stats snipped>

The numbers are close enough that any realistic determination of which
site has more traffic can't be made.

There are any number of factors that can cause these numbers to be
skewed. When you take these factors into consideration, the differences
in the stats for the two sites becomes insignificant.

Why are you asking this question? I suspect that comparing the stats on
these two sites won't give you the answer you are looking for.

I used to have a manager who talked about trying to determine the
quality of the milk by measuring the height of the cow. I can't help but
wonder if that is what you are doing.

Re: Stats analysis of two sites

On 12 Jan 2007 09:42:59 -0800, Norman put finger to keyboard and

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(I've fixed your mangled formatting - remember that Usenet is an ascii
medium, and if you want to display charts and graphs they need to be
designed for monospaced text)

What do you mean by "traffic"?

Assuming that both sites are using the same stats analysis software,
configured the same way, then by most metrics site 2 has more traffic
as it's getting more hits and page requests - which is usually what's
meant by "traffic". But site 1 seems to be[1] getting more different
visitors, which from a marketing perspective may make it more
successful - if people reach a site, get what they want and then leave
then that's a good thing even if they don't spend as much time on the
site or request as many different files (which, in any case, will be
heavily dependent on site design as well as visitor numbers).

Of course, if the two sites are running different stats software, or
even the same software configured differently, then the numbers aren't
comparable so there's no way to answer your question at all.

[1] I say "seems to be", because "visitors" is a software-extrapolated
value and hence not at all precise - there's a big margin for error in
such figures and your values are wll within it.

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Re: Stats analysis of two sites

Mark Goodge wrote:
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thank you, i did not know this

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interesting answer, as the sites have two different purposes. site one
is a directory and
site two is a reference guide where a user will have to reference many

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i am running the same stats software, webalizer on both the sites.

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Re: Stats analysis of two sites

Norman wrote

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Read this:

Charles Sweeney

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