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Sponsors of the International Dating Conference this year offer and a
World Class Dating provider with professional management and
administration, the highest payouts over 50% and over, with a lifetime
of recurring payments, allowing you a full and complete tracking,
Payment and Statistical analysis along with automated payouts at
designated periods. Also included is a great 2-Tier system that can add
a further 10% of revenue from all your sub-affiliates. Payouts are
prompt, efficient and regular we are always happy to negotiate larger
percentages for aggressive marketeers.

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We'll set you up with a Branded dating site of your own, that will
belong to you as long as you need it. With an excellent rate on
returns, you can't do better than this! Sponsors of the 2006
International Dating Conference.
Your own free dating site - 50% initial, 50% recurring for life, +10%
for 2 tier program

The technology leader for dating and adult dating platforms, offer high
tech dating sites for free to anyone wishing to own their own site in
any geographical location or any area of interest.
We manage all of your customer support, technical issues and technology
with video chat voice, and mobile technologies and you deal with the

The best you can get - check out the comparison chart and video
Movie presentation - 45Mb - but
well worth watching

Re: Start your own free world class professional dating Site

Is this an advertisement to help you make money?

Can I just get your source code and run it myself (since it's free)? I
don't want to run remote hosted scripts as I have no power over them to
put my own affiliate ads...

------------------------------ edy!

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