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Re: SSH attack

Tim Greer wrote:
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   I'm crazy about that idea!  For me, it's a huge hassle setting up
email, in fact, I have to refer to my notes almost every time. In fact,
I've wanted an alternative for some time.

  It looks to me that postfix cooperates well with pam_mysql, although I
really don't understand what I need to implement this.

   What is required other than compiling pam_mysql? I don't have a firm
grasp of just what is PAM.

Thanks Jerry and Tim,


This way someone gaining access to FTP won't
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Re: SSH attack

Jeff wrote:

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Hey Jeff,

What are you using now?  You mentioned Qmail earlier, or am I confusing
this with another thread?  (I frequent a couple of dozen groups about
*nix, Apache, Perl, PHP, Ruby, security, etc., so I don't always
remember what was said where).  If you use qmail, you might look into
Vpopmail (or another POP service) and QmailAdmin, which provides a web

I assume that if I'm recalling you mentioning it, that you were saying
it used Plesk and Qmail, in which case I guess that's not the server
you have issues with email on, so I assume you're asking about Postfix
in this case only?  If so, how it is set up currently to authenticate
POP3/IMAP/SMTP sessions?  Are you using any interface, how are you
using it now?

You might not need to use an MySQL solution to separate the logins or
user-interface that you can trust them to do it themselves, in other
words (not that you can't go that route if you want).  I'm trying to
get an idea to suggest what might be easiest for you now.  Also, does
this system run any control panel or anything that might help with the
basics of services being installed, configured, and ran, etc.?  Have
you consulted with a server admin, if this system is accessible over
the Internet (I assume it is, based on the topic being SSH attacks)?
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Re: SSH attack

Tim Greer wrote:
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  If so, how it is set up currently to authenticate
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   Either Webmin or SSHing in and editing the virtmaps, or whatever and
postmap /etc/postfix/virtual

   It's not fun, or particularly easy for me. Nobody I know (including
RackSpace) really understands Webmin and I've never found a manual that
can be read by humans, so it's usually SSH and a stack of notes!
Although there are some things I can do in Webmin, like MySQL setups.

   I'm all for plan "c". Pretty much though, after a domain is set up,
it's just adding email addresses that needs to be done.

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It's a managed server over at RackSpace. I can get a lot of help there.
They do some monitoring, which is how I knew about the brute force attack.

   There's a number of things I don't like about Plesk,  which is why I
went without it on this server. So it's a learning curve, but I'd like
to make my life easier.


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