Squirrelmail limited to 300 emails?

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Apologies if this is the wrong ng for a webmail question...

My web host, HostPC.com, offers Squirrelmail as one of its webmail
apps. Recently its behavior has changed so that if one of my mailboxes
contains more than perhaps 300 emails, Squirrelmail times out before
it can show a page of headers. The owner claims that's a limitation of
the program and I should stop mis-using it by allowing that many
emails to accumulate, but it was working fine a month ago with many
times that number of emails.

I sent Joe a link to a posting where a person with a similar problem
followed advice to "enable server side sorting and threading in
squirrelmail config" after which his problem went away. I was told
that the HostPC configuration was dictated by their DirectAdmin
package, and was perfect. The problem was mine for allowing so many
emails to accumulate.

HostPC's other webmail app, UebiMiaui, can show a pageful of email
titles even when there are 300 of them, and it will let me delete them
as long as I don't ask it to delete more than about 20kB of email at a
time, either as one email that size or a handful of really small ones.
Bigger than that and it times out, logs me out, and won't let me log
back in for several minutes.

I can access my email with no problem using a pop3 client, but instead
of accessing several email accounts using multiple instances of the
client (which passes all email to a local copy of  Exchange Server) I
autoforward all email from several HostPC email accounts into one
mailbox at my ISP, and let the client pick them all up from there.

Is this really a limitation of a recent release of Squirrelmail? is
DirectAdmin part of the problem?

Thanks very much for any words of wisdom...

Re: Squirrelmail limited to 300 emails?

NgPoster@missing.org says...
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No, it's a timeout issue with php.  Adjusting both max_execution_time
and memory_limit in php.ini can help.  Turning on server side sorting
with imap daemons that support it speeds it up so that php doesn't time
out before the mailbox is indexed.

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Re: Squirrelmail limited to 300 emails?

JT wrote:

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Squirrelmail doesn't cope awfully well with mail folders of over a few
hundred messages. However, split your mail into several folders and you'll
be fine.

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