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Here is the final result.  Only 3 people, outside of the spinchat folks,
know how to restore all the spinchat commands, etc.  DirectSex (which uses
spinchat) has customers who have done it.

DirectSex limited the chat to 3 commands, '/msg' and the ignore and unignore
commands.  However, 3 customers were able to restore all the commands plus
use a word filter, clear the screen, etc. (2 customers were banned but the
third one has not been banned).

The allowable commands are defined in the language.txt file and the html
code below is the original code from the directsex server:

<applet name="chat" code="de/spin/chat/small/ChatLoader.class"
codebase="http://chat1.directsex.com/classes /" archive="chat.jar"
width="360" height="340" align="top" VIEWASTEXT>
<param name="virtual" value="default">
<PARAM name="color" value="FFDE01">
<param name="properties"
  value="http://chat1.directsex.com/membernew/properties2.txt ">
<param name="language"
  value="http://chat1.directsex.com/membernew/language.txt ">
<param name="port" value="8001">
<param name="channel" value="College Girls">
<param name="nick" value="my name">
<param name="password" value="my password">
Please use a Java capable browser to use this chat!

I changed the above to load local properties.txt and language.txt files but
it does not work.  The '.txt' files were copied from the directsex server,
no other changes were made.  The 2 lines changed were:

 <param name="properties" value="properties.txt">
 <param name="language" value="language.txt">

I suspect they found some product to connect to the directsex server because
DS' version of spinchat does not allow local loading of the above files.
The files must be loaded from the DS server.

Here is other info that may be useful.  The spinchat clients below only
connect to spinchat, not to a 3rd party server using spinchat:
http://www.dulky.org/nozchat /

Spinchat demos can be seen at:


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