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Howdy newsgroup,

Been awhile! Was wondering, if anyone knew of a good (preferably non-google but same pay)
advertising program that allows a person to do something like this:

Say you have a recipe site. (example)

... Recipe that involves pickles and mustard ...

Sources of mustard:

    Ad one,
    Ad two

Sources of pickles:
    Ad one,
    Ad two

Now, I want to go through and make absolutely certain these advertisers do
indeed carry pickles, mustard. In this context, ads are actually valuable

I'll want to do this by hand most likely, since an advertiser might happen to
carry pickles, but, the wrong type or the mustard isn't the stuff called for in
the recipe.

Furthermore, sending people to surplus stores that carry old mustard gas face
masks or quotes from scripture about mustard seeds would not exactly be
appropriate either. (in fact, ideally, I'd send them straight to the page with
the item)

You may have guessed, the site isn't for recipes, but it's the same principle.

Trouble with google, from what I've read, is that they're impossible to contact
and they're such a huge corporation that if you tried to deal with them, they'd
just ignore your requests. (and from what I'd read on their adsense documentation,
you can't hand-pick the links)

Plus, the article I read here:


(I didn't feel comfortable with google "adsense" to begin with, but that
article just kind of seals it)

Any recommendations? The actual market would be electrical components.

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