Speaking of domain name registrars... NSI

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Speaking of domain name registrars, what is the current opinion
(as subjective as it often is) of Network Solutions?

It is my understanding (correct/incorrect?) that some years ago
they used some (unscrupulous) marketing techniques that included
sending messages to domain holders that used other registrars,
trying to trick them into changing registrars (to NSI.)

I have only a registered a dozen or so domains over the years,
and have always used them, (because they seemed to be the only
game in town a long time ago), and now, out of habit and continuity.

I have had not problem with them, and periodically, (apparently
since I have reached a certain volume of registrations), they even
call me on the phone asking if I need anything else from them!

In addition to that, when I had an issue a while back with combining
accounts, they took my phone number and called me back with a solution,
with which I was impressed.

The only truly irritating them about them to me is that when one
registers a domain name, they have a seemingly endless array of
pages that they need to navigate that have offers for additional

I went recently went through the registration process with one of
my "customers" (friends), and realized that there is no way I would
ever be able to explain to anyone how to do this by themselves.

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