Spanking Disciples

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<P><SPAN class=cat_txt>What could be sweeter than a pretty
girl on her knees, pants down, ready to follow your orders as youíre spanking
her! Well, itís a fact, many teachers know what Iím talking about. Spanking is a
real tradition all around the world when it comes to be understood. And whatever
it takes, the more it hurts, the more we enjoy, itís just like thatÖ This site
is all about red bottoms and wet eyes, apologies and desires. The film selection
comes from all around the world; France, Belgium, USA, England, Italy, SwedenÖ
Wherever comes the slaps, itís still hurting the sameÖ</SPAN><BR><A
href=" "></A></P>
<P>Enjoy !!!</P>

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