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Re: Spamhaus vs e360

William Tasso wrote:
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Or Pynchonesque.  He also did an extended
Drainpipe Drama in Gravity's Rainbow.

Re: Spamhaus vs e360

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Please adjust your sarcasm meter, it is failing to pick up the signals.
As you say, it is e360 who are suing spamhaus. The USGov are not, and
neither do they appear to be involved.

 > But the whole things is farcical, and further proves (if ever it were
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In a common sense way it looks that way.

Being a Brit., I know little of the US legal system, but from my very
limited understanding of the system in place it appears that the Judge had
little choice but to pass judgement against Spamhaus on the basis of the
existing law. Remember, he was going on the facts presented by e360, and in
the absence of any counter argument being presented by Spamhaus, it appears
he had no option but to give a default judgement finding for e360.
The fact that some of the evidence presented by e360 is...erm....somewhat
iffy (or appears to be) is neither here nor there. The judge ruled on the
case in hand as the law stands.

For the record, e360 have spammed me *several* times despite their assertion
that they do not do business outside of the US. I wonder how they also ended
up in Spamhaus spam traps as well. As I understand it, Spamhaus do not take

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