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One of my hosting customers got an email back saying my server was
listed as a spam source on lycos.   How do I check this ?



Re: spam list question

William Moore wrote:

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You could try putting in the IP address of your e-mail server here: /

Kim André Akerĝ
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Re: spam list question

Kim André Akerĝ wrote:
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thanks,  I have done that and it comes back no listing....   I had my
upstream send an email thru my server to a lycos address and it went
thru fine..   so I am thinking a fluke or a glitch ??


Re: spam list question

Fleeing from the madness of the EasyNews, UseNet made Easy! jungle
and said:

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possibly, or perhaps a lycos specific filter - maybe more info here:

William Tasso

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for your Mama.

Re: spam list question

William Moore wrote:
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Try the "Spam database lookup" (top middle) at /

Brian Wakem

Re: spam list question

How do I check this ?

1. ask them to forward you a spam message?

2. what do you have for email functions on the site? and email response
form? suddenly it's a popular trick for people to inject messages through
your unsecure forms and turn you into a spambot.

ForMail is being recommended by many ISPs as a safe email form for

Re: spam list question

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I am told a spammer has been blasting out penile herb spam using web forms
for the last day or so. He identifies broken forms then uses them to launch
periodic spam campaigns. Best as we can tell, he or she blasts out 300-500
spams per web form, usually several times in a row, using the same list as
whomever sent out a flurry of stock touts a few months ago.

If your customer installed a "form mail" perl or php script and it was not
protected against bcc: injection, then it may have been used to distribute

An easy to understand web site on the subject is:

The best way to satisfy yourself is to write your own injection script and
try it on all your customers' web pages, spanking any of them who installed
an insecure script.
Between insecure web forms and new spam zombies resulting from Microsoft's
latest .wmf file security hole it is going to be an interesting year for




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