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I have recently updated one of my computers via widows update.

Since the update, web sites with flash content behave erratic when
scrolling. I am trying to ascertain whether the update went wrong, and a
problem spesific to my machine or if the update itself is flawed. Other
browsers work fine.

I would be greatful if anyone could have a look at these sites and report
back.     (flash nav buttons not scrolling correctly) (flash images jerky when scolling)

Thanks for your help.

John DH

Re: SOS IE 6 update

I have managed to find out why this has been happening.

It all boils down to a law suit against MS (which they lost) for breach of
copyright. The result is that MS have changed the way an activex control
operates in IE6 sp2. Users now have to click on the object to activate it
and then again to operate the control.

There is a workaround: if a control is loaded from outside of the html page
then the control works as you intended i.e. via js.

try this:

create a js file with the following:

theObjects = document.getElementsByTagName("object");
for (var i = 0; i < theObjects.length; i++) {
    theObjects[i].outerHTML = theObjects[i].outerHTML;
}Now at the bottom of the html page that contains the object create a
reference to the js file that you have just created, thus:<script
type="text/javascript" src="ieupdate.js"></script>
That's it. See what you think.

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