Something about WMF-bug

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Re: Something about WMF-bug

So they used the WMF bug to hack your usenet client? Or you just thought
it was a nice idea to get some traffic to your, probably pathetic,

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Re: Something about WMF-bug

John Bokma wrote:

Quoted text here. Click to load it

err-or! er-ror - 404!
We didn't do it.
Actually, we couldn't find the page you requested. Please check the URL.

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Re: Something about WMF-bug

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Probably the latter >:-> (no it wasn't me this time)

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Re: Something about WMF-bug

On Sat, 7 Jan 2006, Beauregard T. Shagnasty wrote:

Quoted text here. Click to load it

I &#9829; their 404 messages (plural, try doing a refresh on one of them).

:    err-or! er-ror - 404!The page you are looking for has spontaneously
:    combusted.

... and ...

:    err-or! er-ror - 404!If true happiness can only be achieved through a
:    state of nothingness,
:    you're going down the right path.

... and ...

:    err-or! er-ror - 404!A billion websites, and you had to pick this one.

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Re: Something about WMF-bug

Fleeing from the madness of the ISINet, Nova Scotia jungle
and said:

Quoted text here. Click to load it

been dwelling on your comments about the IIS default 404.

I have the opportunity to add default error pages to several sites - What  
would you recommend? A brief spec if you like.

William Tasso

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Re: Something about WMF-bug

On Sat, 7 Jan 2006, William Tasso wrote:

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Well, I am not sure how much scripting is allowed for generating 404 pages
so I can't be sure if any of my ideas or thoughts could be implemented but
am wondering if the Referer (Referrer?) header could be used to tailor the

Some ideas from the top of my (pointy?) head (not all of which may be
entirely practical but may be worth thinking about):


If I go to:
and click on a broken link on that page that points to:
when it should have been:
then I don't really need a condecending suggestion, ``Make sure you typed
the address in correctly.''  Couldn't the server check the referrer and,
if it is one of your own pages and the incorrect link *is* found on the
page, then generate an ``Ooops! Our webmaster goofed.  We'll have to
ration his bananas for that.  Sorry, we'll correct that as soon as
possible.'' message?


If I followed a link on Google and the referenced page is now 404,
a suggestion of:

    ``That page may have been moved. Try searching
    <a href="">here</a>
    for the page you want.''

is not very helpful as it would probably lead back to the same
404 page I found in the first place.  Can such a suggestion be
left off the page if the referrer is Google in the first place?
(Including it if Google is *not* the referrer would be helpful.)


A link to the home page of the site would be nice (except when a
spammer's site has been cancelled for TOS violations[1]) in which case, a
link to your home page could be viewed by *some* (not all) anti-spammers
as an attempt to profit from the spam that prompted the site visit in
the first place -- especially if you run an affiliate program).


If you kept a database of previous pages that no longer exist, a note
that "This page was removed from our site on December 12, 2003" would
save me from having to waste time looking unsuccessfully for a possible
new location of the page.


If you migrate later to a case-sensitive Unix system, some way of checking
for the page in *any* case and provide a link to it would also be nice.
Someone may have bookmarked an old URL that worked on IIS even with a case
error and the bookmark may later fail after a migration to a
case-sensitive system.


If an overhaul recently changed all *.htm files to *.html or *.asp,
that a request for "baz.htm" could get a response like, ``We have
changed many of our file extensions in a site overhaul.  Is this,
<a href="baz.asp">baz.asp</a> the page you were looking for?'' would
be more helpful than a lecture about typing in a URL correctly.


Monitoring your stats for common request errors and creating a database of
links to the correct pages for those errors that are really common might
be helpful for adding suggested alternate links to your 404 page.  It
would also be nice if you could handle common transcription problems such
as 'I' vs 'l' vs '1' or '0' vs 'O' which are indistinguishable in some
fonts with something like this (assuming that "XYl05.htm", "XYlO5.htm"
and "XY1O5.htm" exist on your system and "XY105.htm" does not):

``You attempted to access "http://foo.invalid/XY105.htm ".  Could you
have meant <a
href="http://foo.invalid/XYl05.htm ">"http://foo.invalid/XYl05.htm "</a>,
$PAGE_TITLE1, or <a
href="http://foo.invalid/XYlO5.htm ">"http://foo.invalid/XYlO5.htm "</a>,
$PAGE_TITLE2, or <a
href="http://foo.invalid/XY1O5.htm ">"http://foo.invalid/XY1O5.htm "</a>,

(I'm not sure what variable-naming convention IIS uses for things such
as page titles but I'm sure you get the idea.)

The default for IIS that just uses a javascript URL as a back button
and then provides a useless link to Microsoft's website is definitely not

I may think of more as my head clears up (I haven't been well lately
and deep thinking has been like trying to sprint[2] when you are up to
your hips in water at the beach) but those may give you something to
think about.

[1] JPEGs of his evisceration are welcome but not absolutely required.
[2] Originally mistyped as "spring".
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