'Smart' Counting of Downloads

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    I run a web site the visitors to the site are for the most part computer
language professionals in a C-based language.

    The purpose of the site is as an alternate portal to download the latest
developmental version of the language.

    My CGI app is also written in this language, and it is easy for me to
'make it dance'.

    I also have been visited by DoS attackers who start 50-100 downloads
nearly simultaneosly, and then '206' them part way thru the download.

    My latest two downloads are approx 12meg and 3meg .zip files


    A couple of the visitors have asked me to count the number of complete
unique downloads of each of the packages  for all the visitors, and try to
filter out the DoS people and other 'onlookers', and try to determine *real*
downloading users of the language

    I have, of course, the Apache access.log that I can read and analyze (a
bit laboriously) with my language and then post stats on the download page


    Is there a better way to do  this 'smart' stat count?

Thank you.

Mel Smith

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