Sleeping Music And Silent Sound

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Hi All,

Angel Sleeping music with licensed songs are mixed with bin-aural
beats. Angel Sleeping will make a listener getting to sleep easier. It
includes Volume I & II. Volume II will make a listener getting to
sleep stronger. You can reach Angel Sleeping music at .
Otherwise, you can use free music that is mixed with unlicensed
classical songs. You can download at =

BTW, I have invented Silent Sound / Invisible Sound. Perpetrators have
a range of brain weapons. Last year, Vietnamcommon properties=94
government used bio-chemical weapon to shoot me. I have gotMe-Day=94
illness. The red skin appears on most parts of my body. After that
time few days, I gotMe-Day=94 illness again. Vietnamcommon
properties=94 government murdered many persons in Vietnam (m). I have
create flu-illness silent sound. You can play it in computer or mobile
phone. Link download: =


Khanh D. Pham
Voicemail & Fax: +1 (815) 366 8071

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