Sitemesh-like templating system for .NET?

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I love SiteMesh.

The way it works, I can dump an HTML file onto a website, it'll use an XML
parser to strip out everything except the meta and title tags and body
content and pour it into a template I define.

And you can use FTP or any other method to just dump HTML pages on the site,
or usee any server-side scripting technology that generates HTML, and it'll
get skinned because SiteMesh runs as a filter.

Problem is, it's written in Java for JSP/Servlet pages. And SourceForge has
no downloads available for the .NET port. And I have a .NET web application I
want to set up this way.

Most templating solutions for .NET seem to force you to use ASP.NET and
specific method calls for each page. Or the content is created using XML
instead of HTML or XHTML. Not good - since someone else is going to want to
upload plain HTML pages to update this project's content. So I need some sort
of server-side filter that will parse and skin HTML or XHTML like SiteMesh does.

I'm going to post this to the Microsoft .NET newsgroups too, but I was
wondering if anyone in AWW or CLJ.programmer knows of any similar templating
solutions for .NET. (Yes, I'm aware CLJP is a Java newsgroup, but maybe
someone over there also works with ASP.NET...)

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