SiteGround database size seems to be show unreasonable sizes.

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I have recently been requested by my hosting site to pay for 6 more
MSSQL slots as every slot is for 50MB of database space. SiteGround the
place I am hosting at uses plesk and ASP.NET enterprise manager. The
plesk statistics shows I have a 469MB database size and by running a
query on the sysfiles table I get a different data.

As my site is using the database for text only storage and no binaries
the 469 number looks very wrong. when I run the SELECT * FROM SYSFILES
query I get that I am using about 57MB which more than 50MB of them are
log files that can be truncated.

I have sent a ticket to siteground and have not received a answer and
it has been 5 days since I posted my ticket.

I hope that it is just a bug in the software and not some ugly way of
making money.
I guess there are people out there how do not check the figures and pay
the fee and I hope this message will cause people to check the numbers
they see.

The reason I am writing this message is to get some idea if any one
knows any thing about this issue ?  or heared about a bug in one of the
systems I mentioned before.

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