Site5 vs hostingZoom [eng]

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[sorry for my last post in italian]

I'm looking for an america hoster that offers the possibility to manage
add-on domain (different web-site!) on the same hosting space.

I have find the 2 hoster in the object with the plans $5deal (S5) e
failhover (HZ).

The difference of band/storage not interest me, the important for me is
the affidability and the uptime (not more that 1hour/month).

The plus of HZ is that it is 'clustered/load balance/plus server
The plus of S5 is that it have ruby support

S5 is similar to HZ for the uptime/affidability?
The benefit of the clustered is that it offer me more affidability (i

Are there more hoster tha offers clustered hosting plan (with ruby?) ?

Thank to all


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