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Hi people

Have not posted here for a bit and so don't know if it is still allowed but
I would appreciate feedback on a site that we are currently working on.  It
is for a non profit charitable organization.  The url is

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Re: Site review needed


Quoted text here. Click to load it

It doesn't resize nicely.

The photos are obviously "stock" (which just happens to turn me off)

The blue on blue is poor contrast, and potentially presents issue for
the visually impaired.

There's no real "introduction" on the home page.

And, from your donations page:

"Because the Saskatoon Food Bank & Learning Centre does not receive
funding from any level of government, we rely almost exclusively on

*ALMOST* exclusively on donations? Does that mean you supplement the
income with theft? <bg>


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Re: Site review needed

Irfan wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

Hello Irfan

What Matt said. Also, I noticed a couple of strange things:

If I try to print one of your pages (in FF, anyway) the footer
invariably wants to be on a second, separate page, even for a page with
"nothing" on it, like the Events or Newsletter pages.

If I click on the Home link, I go to a page. Then if I click on the Home
link again, I go to a *different* page. I can do this all day, toggling
between two pages. Fortunately, I have other things to do. ;-)

I suggest you change the titles of the pages from "Food Bank" (same on
all pages) to something more meaningful, even if its only "Saskatoon
Food Bank." Better would be something page-specific.

This is surely nothing to do with you or the website, but the Board of
Directors consists of a Chair (comfy? ladderback? doesn't say) and a
Vice President (not a Vice-President) as well as a Secretary and
Treasurer. Why isn't the VP a Vice-Chair, or the Chair really a President?

 From : "Mavis Beacon
Typing Tutor, Tools For Today, the Internet and Microsoft Office are
installed on all computers." What version of the Internet is installed? ;-)

I didn't try validating, but I notice you lack a doctype on the couple
of pages I peeked into the code of.

I also see you're using tables for non-tabular content. Worse, you're
relying too much on visual ability: you expect everyone to be able to
read the non-resizable text in the nav bar and the footer. But try
turning the images off, and your whole navigation disappears. You don't
even have any alt attributes to provide a clue.

Try validating, and take the errors and warnings you get to heart.

Sorry if it seems I'm mocking you, your efforts, or the good work of the
SFB&LC, I'm definitely not. All criticisms intended as useful. Good luck!


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