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I've got a site I *think* is ready for beta, but I'm not 100% sure. I
know I've got problems with w3c compliance (page 1 is ok, but the whole
site is not compliant) and my links are not effectively using
mod_rewrite (I've tried but it does not appear to work for me). I also
am having some difficulty in properly centering my there a
quick fix that I am missing? I can't rely on the <center> tag because
that's not XHTML compliant (correct?), but I'm having real trouble
getting text-align:center to work as expected. Any suggestions are

As well, please let me know if its clear what the intention of this
site is, and if you think the adsense layout is appropriate...I'd like
it to be effective, but not crass.

Thanks in advance,

Re: Site Critque

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Why do you want to use XHTML in the first place? Especially if you can't
make it validate the use of XHTML is a huge joke.

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I would do much more work on that site, because at first I thought: "Oh
No! I have been set up to visit a scraper site".

I probably would instead of using Adsense let people pay for uploading
jobs. Probably is only possible when you have sufficient visitors, but
same holds for AdSense (I mean, I guess it doesn't even come close to
cover the hosting costs atm).

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Re: Site Critque

John Bokma wrote:
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Wow...that's really good info. Thanks for that. I will make some
changes. I don't know about charging to upload, but I think I've got to
address the initial impression problem.

Re: Site Critque

Triggerman72 wrote:

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CENTER is compliant with XHTML in the same way that it's compliant with
HTML 4.01. It's in the nasty, deprecated Transitional doctype, but it's
not in the nice, modern Strict doctype.

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"text-align: center" is for aligning *text* (obviously!).

You seem to want to align a block. The solution to this requires a bit of
lateral thinking. How can you tell if a block is centred? You can tell
because the space at the left and the space at the right are equal. How
can that be achieved in CSS? Through margins.

<p style="color:#060;  background:#cfc;  border:1px solid;
width:50%;  margin:0 auto;">Hello world!</p>

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Re: Site Critque

Triggerman72 wrote:
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It is? It didn't validate for me 5 minutes ago.

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True; it looks nasty (big useless left space and huge or no right space
[and suddenly a scroll bar])

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Try adding margin-left:auto; margin-right:auto; to BODY.

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What XHTML? Whack in an HTML strict doctype like
" "> at the top of your page and
then clean up all the /> slashes you've got.

Oh, you mean XHTML on your *inner* pages. Hadn't gotten that far. Still,

Need to set a bg color on the inner pages. You set a color for lots of
elements, but no bg.

You shouldn't have to set font-family: arial; on so many selectors;
you've got it in body, table, etc. Consider adding some generic fallback
like sans-serif as the last item.
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Not immediately (to me), but it is detectable (you've got the teeny
"About" link at the bottom. "Social job search that'll make your eyes
bulge!" on the front page isn't enough in itself to clue me in, though.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

I despise AdSense ads anyway, so just *having* them is crass to me ;-) ,
but the semi-ads in the middle of the results page I came up with look
messy. That group needs more space around it.

The ads group at the top of a page don't fit snugly in the border
surrounding it.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

This should technically be written " /"  but when
I go to it it takes me to " //", which is very
odd. What is the extra slash for? Is that the mod_rewrite stuff you're
having trouble with?

Is "bulging" (from the verb "to bulge"...) your term for recommending?
Looks like it might be something different, but it's not clear to me.
Maybe I need to be more of a MySpace-type to get the hip paradigm thingy.


Re: Site Critque

Triggerman72 wrote

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The logo is certainly big enough.  It's far from clear what the site is
about, or more importantly, what the point of it is.

Rate jobs?  What's the point of that?  Make a list of favourites?  What's
the point of that?  Sounds like one that was on here recently where you
needed a site to remind you of what you liked.  Utterly pointless.

What makes you think there is a demand for this "service"?

As an observer, it is plain to me that the site exists to carry Adsense
ads, the service is incidental.  You've got that the wrong way around.

Strikes me that this is probably one of a million "rate" sites/adsense

Do you need to do it in XHTML?  Why not HTML?

You're complicating something that needn't be so (XHTML, mod_rewrite).

The site is clean and easy on the eye (bar the homepage logo).

Since your priority is being w3c compliant and displaying adsense ads (only
guessing that somewhere along the line you wish to provide a useful
service) then I wish you  luck, you'll need it.

Charles Sweeney

Re: Site Critque

Charles Sweeney wrote:
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How disappointing that I've cast this impression with eyebulge. By
means of a response, I've
taken a number of the above points into consideration: my adsense has
been removed, the logo is much smaller, and I am no longer in pursuit
of w3c compliance. I believe the goal of the website has merit and I
am going to do what I can to focus on it.

I've obviously not communicated the site's point in the site itself.
Here's the reason I built it....

Not long ago I found myself laid off along with about 15 others from a
dotcom. Like my former co-workers, I turned to the various job boards
like Monster, Careerbuilder, etc. And once I found a job that appeared
to be reasonable, my use for the internet came to an abrupt and
unfortunate end. My next step was to either ask a friend if the job was
any good - if they had any knowledge of the people who worked there and
what the role might be like; or to apply and take my chances during the
interview that my time would not be wasted. Sadly, in a large
percentage of cases where I took my chances, I regretted ever
submitting my resume. Especially in cases where the job was out of
town....what a waste of time. However, in cases where I asked a friend,
the results were much better...I actually accepted a job that a friend
(in fact a couple of friends) had highly recommended.

Eyebulge aims to reproduce the "ask a friend" part of my experience.
The easiest way I felt I could do that was to put a job in front of
someone and say, "On a scale of 1(poor) to 5(great), what do you
think?". Thus the idea for a job that makes your eyes bulge out of your
head came along. And I believe the idea has value because it produces
search results that are popular, much as Google ranks pages based on
incoming links. Every other job board that I know of ranks job posting
search results by keyword relevance...which may mean absolutely nothing
to you in your search....other than the job poster has figured out how
to effectively include a wide range of keywords.

In any event, I've probably said too much at this point. I really
appreciate the response I've received from each of you...I've tried to
include as many of your recommendations as I could. You've been a
really big help to me. If anyone has any other recommendations for me,
I'd be glad to hear them!


Re: Site Critque

Triggerman72 wrote

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Hi Greg.

I forgot to say last time, I think your work is good, technically and
artistically, it's just the concept that didn't float my boat.  Just my

Don't you think there could be potential for trouble?  Say disgruntled
employees are bad-mouthing a company?

I wouldn't rush into changes based on a few (or single) opinions.

Best wishes.

Charles Sweeney

Re: Site Critque

Charles Sweeney wrote:
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No question there is room for trouble in a free speech
vehicle....doesn't mean you avoid that vehicle though. If a company
objected to comments on Eyebulge, I would work with them to deal with
that situation. I will also have to be wary of spammers.

As for the changes, I think they were ones I made that reinforced
thoughts I had myself. The intro page did look wrong, I think adsense
makes it easy to forget that you should focus on the product first and
captializing second - so its removal was no big deal - and w3c
validation...heck I didn't need much convincing to forget about that!

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