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Re: Site check, please!

David Hennessy wrote:

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Centered text is amateurish, and hard to read. The eye has to hunt for
the beginning of the next line.

New documents should be using a Strict doctype, not Transitional.

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01//EN"
   " ">

Errors:  there are XHTML thingies on your image tags: " />"
should be just  ">"

Your CSS is excessive.
Something in your page is causing it to report:
"Servlet has thrown exception:javax.servlet.ServletException: Timed out"

Read this:

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Re: Site check, please!

David Hennessy wrote:

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   The navigation is a little disorganized. You have some in super large
type and then you have some more tucked underneath. On some pages your
key navigation is on the right.

   Center aligned text went out somewhere in the 90's. People read left
to right, don't make it harder for them.

   The shopping cart works differently on some items and the buttons to
add the items are not close to the textfield for the quantity. I found
the way the cart displays categories and products to be awkward.

   Logo and colors are good. Mostly you need to clean it up a bit and go
for a bit less bold. And clean out some of the awkward negative spaces.

   Didn't look too hard at the html. It's not pretty or streamlined, but
nice html has a smaller impact than visual design. I've certainly seen
some horrendous html on successfull sites. It's more a maintenance issue
and I sure don't want to underemphasize that!

   Can I have a Kolacky now?

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Re: Site check, please!

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Top menu does not fit inside the background box and uses 2 lines, at
least in my browser.

I see the eagle too big and the box menu below doesn't really combine
with the rest of the page, both in size and colour.

Bottom menu also runs into 2 lines.

Credit cards are enormous, they should be a quarter of that size.

The rest is not too bad, but it gets marred by that blue left box
That blue color doesn't combine with the rest of colors on the page,
and it's far too big, really.

Re: Site check, please!

David Hennessy wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it
I agree with everyone else regarding the size of the menu text, it's a
little too  large by default.
Regards Chad.

Re: Site check, please!

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Thoughts written down as I browse about your site, so they're a bit
random but are fairly spontaneous:

The first text that my eyes are drawn to shouldn't be a welcome
message about the website itself; it should tell me about what the
website offers to me as a visitor.  And despite the URL and business
name it still took me too long to identify that you were selling
foodstuffs!  Even as I write this, I'm still not entirely clear
whether you're a restaurant of sorts delivering just to local
customers, or across the States [or another country?] or are a
catering firm... I'd suggest a snappy and explanatory strapline under
your logo thingy.

Lose the yellow "glow" around the blue box on the left, it looks
horrible and works particularly badly with the main cream-coloured
background.  The white "glow" around "" also doesn't work
against the cream.

The logos for what cards are accepted shouldn't be below the fold if
the links for buying stuff are above it.

The phone numbers, address, and opening times are in too small a
font.  The address on the home page is different to the address given
on the contact page.

Your copyright notice should have a date of publication.

When changing text size the menu items at top-right don't stay
properly aligned with the pink background that's supposed to be behind

On the privacy notice page, the last sentence of your introductory
paragraph is both poorly worded (eg, you have "however" twice) and
rather off-putting (eg, "we ... do not guarantee").  I'd suggest
something more like this: "No information communicated via the
internet can ever be completely guaranteed to be secure.  However,
when you are logged on to our site all your information is encrypted
when sent to us from your browser using the https protocol, and is
protected by the SSL certificate that we have installed."  Not great,
but better!

On the same page you should also change "to ensure you are who you say
you are and in fact you are paying with your credit cards and not
someone using your stolen credit cards" to something simpler such as
"to prevent someone else from impersonating you even if they've stolen
your credit card".

Again on the same page, under "Site Security" I'd change "our security
policies" to "our strict security policies"; I'm assuming that they
*are* strict, of course!  Under "Legal Disclaimer" it should say
"served on our business" and not "served on our Web site".

Your navigation menu URLS have ID numbers, which can prevent links
showing as "visited" and will also confuse people who aren't
particularly net literate.  I'd also suggest using "human readable"
URLs for food menus such as the one at .

On your home page change "Cool Links" to "Links" in the blue box, as
it's more professional and is also the wording you've used on other

Is the "About This Site" page really necessary?

The eagle logo at top-left should be a link back to your home page on
all other pages.  Your menu at top-right needs a lot more links to all
the various pages you have; perhaps you could have a second line with

On the "View Cart" page, some of the thumbnail images have been
heavily scaled down using HTML rather than using actual small images.
For example, "Kolacky" is well over 600KB in size despite being less
than one inch square in size!  You'll kill your dial-up customers if
you do this...

Finally, you've hidden your search box!  If you need one, it should be
clearly visible on your home page, not (just) on other pages.

Overall, I think your site lacks focus.  It certainly has a lot of
*content*, which is great, but it's just not presented in a
particularly effective manner, and the design is a bit visually

The home page in particular needs attention: I'd move "Authentic
pierogies, stuffed cabbage, desserts, and more delicious Polish food
in our on-line store -- ready to ship, right to your door!" up to the
top, have the text that currently appears at top-right replaced with a
(prominent) "About our new site!" link (perhaps a popup?), have at
least a couple of pictures of your products [or rather your client's
products] above the fold, and work on the navigation so that visitors
don't have to find links on other pages, use the site map, or even
indeed scroll to the very bottom of the page (except for the legal
bumf).  And as mentioned previously, the site could do with a strap
line: assuming that it's just a local business, it should be something
simple but self-explanatory like "Great Polish food delivered in
Pennsylvania's X area!", so that it's *immediately* obvious what the
site is for and where the business is located.

Hope this was all of some help.  I'm now hungry!


Re: Site check, please!

David Hennessy wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

Thank you all for all of your constructive comments! I really appreciate
the time, and will discuss these suggestions with my client.



Re: Site check, please!


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Seems tasty :-)


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