Simple, write to the FTC on google (if you found google's privacy violations disturbing)

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(Product Name: Google Groups Beta) The reason I am writing is
because of very unfair business practices by Google Inc. The
main problem is privacy and copyright. Google offers limited
privacy solutions, but that is not acceptable. In California
law requires websites to remove private information upon
request, Google does not correspond. In a sense its like
"Google on people", overriding the privacy rights of the masses
for Google's money. I know millions are unsatisfied ever since
usenet was archived by a corporation (DejaNews, 1995). Google
purchased DejaNews in 2001, and remained the primary abuser
of privacy online and carrying harsh corporate policies sticking to
the "post-mainstream" totalitarian abuse of the unaware masses

Also Google scanned 15 million books from libraries
without checking for copyright, forcing people and book
companies worldwide to contact Google for resolving book
copyright disputes. Google claims its a good soliciting for
the writers but its stealing. There needs to more people
complaining, please, do something. Google's carelessness is
too extreme.

If you remember 1995 and all the people complaining
about privacy when DejaNews began archiving usenet,
you will probably agree. Please send your complaint to, takes two minutes.

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