Signs of A Bad Webhost??

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So in my search for a webhost, I'm going through some guides and
here's one that particularly caught my eye:

Item One is "affiliate programs"...that's top of the list, as in, List
of Factors to Beware...and I do notice how many webhosts offer
affiliate programs for successful referrals, anywhere from $50 to $100
each, and many also offer a small commission on repeat I'd
always thought that affiliate programs were just a cost-free and
potently "viral" way of drumming up business, but it's suggested that
affiliate programs are a bad sign because, apparently, they are likely
the only way a bad webhost can entice new customers...?!

SBI! has its affiliate program not only on its homepage, but on every
single page of its website that's publicly viewable.  Their program
seems generous, but makes no mention of the inconvenient detail buried
in the sign-up legalese that commissions are paid only if new sales
are generated...thus, if you haven't been bringing in new customers
for them for some period of time, any commission you did have will be
held by SBI! until you are an "active" affiliate again....

Little things like this suggest trickery, but it never occurred to me
to view an affiliate program in itself as a possible warning sign of
high customer turn-over!  After all, even has an affiliate
program, and they're the last one who I should think would need it.
Seems to be a relatively "free" way for the company to enlist some
"free" help in getting the word out about themselves.  But it also
does make a certain logical sense that a problematic company with high
customer attrition would be particularly aggressive in its payouts....

Comments, please.

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