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Is there a way to have e-mail sent to a specific address
( show up on a page within that site?

In other words, I'd like the message to appear automatically, or after a
link is clicked, without requiring a user to use Horde, Neomail, etc.

I'm aware of the risks of spam bots harvesting the address and so on. This
is a site intended to demo a new service (not the e-mail service), and "real
people" won't be using the addresses.



Re: Show E-Mail on a Web Page?

Alex wrote:

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You'd need to have either something hanging around your MDA that looks at
email on the way past and acts on it (procmail is a good way to tie such a
program in to your mail system), or you need something that periodically
polls an IMAP or POP3 server looking for new mail, and then acts on it.

Either way, I'd look at Perl for processing the mail. CPAN has lots of
modules for playing around with email.

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