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This website is for webmasters so where would be a better place to ask for
some advice on my new project :)
Please don't see this a spam, I'm just finding a way to get some feedback of
people using these kind of short url things (webmasters!) before going
public with it ...

The short-url type: redirecting to
http://whatever.blabla/longurl/bla.html (nothing new for most of us)

At this time it supports:
- URL cloaking, can be turned on/of
- referrer logging
- making random short urls (faster)
- basic stats
- no advertisements on the subdomains.

Most of these extras are available when creating a subdomain with password,
which is an option

Please let me know what kind of extra's webmasters need from this kind of
service, I want to make it perfect before launching.
Anything that you would think is wrong or could be better, please let me



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Re: Short URL website

Fleeing from the madness of the -= Belgacom Usenet Service =- jungle
and said:

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First off - please don't post upside down - makes it hard to follow what  
on eareth you are trying to say.

What makes you think webmasters woukd be interested in a 3rd party  
redirection service?  Most (all?) will want to maximise exposure of the  
real domain.  In the event that a redirect is required, the scripting  
required is trivial and can easily be incorporated into almost any site.

Perhaps the question would be better directed at a more interested focus  

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