Shopping Cart woes...looking for recomendations

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Hi all,

I need some help finding a shopping cart for my company. We currently
have a *terrible* hosted cart, but unfourtuantly, it does some things
we can't live out and haven't been able to find a solution for.

We have two big areas that are key to our buisness model and can't

1) No automated CC processing. We need a credit card processing system
where the user can securly enter their credit card details and then let
our people pull the  numbers to be processed using the same POS
terminal they use for phone and walk in orders.

2) We have a discount system that is a little unusal but is again
critical to our buisness model.

We have several major products. Depending on how many of these you
purchase, you get a discount on all the other products you buy along
with them.  Example:
You put 1 Big Product in your cart, you get 5% off everything else
(excpet other Big Products). You put three Big Products in the cart,
and your discount goes up to 15% (all the way to a max of 20% off
everything that isn't a Big Product).

Does anyone know of any shopping cart that would meet these needs?

Thanks in advance,


Re: Shopping Cart woes...looking for recomendations

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If you want that, you need a programmer and a dedicated server, not an
off-the-shelf package on a hosted system. If you're going to be
storing credit card details yourselves, rather than using a
third-party payment handler, then security is absolutely paramount. It
is utterly essential that you fully understand and can comply with all
the requirements of the card companies, and that you employ
programmers who have that knowledge as well. Otherwise, you'll be in
breach of your merchant agreement as well as risking a lawsuit if
anything goes wrong.

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Again, you need a programmer for that.

Having said that, shopping carts are not rocket science. The basic
functionality is fairly easy to program, and if you are rolling your
own then you can do what you want with discounts and stuff. It's the
security of the card payment that is the tough part, and that's why
most small/medium businesses use third-party online payment handlers.
If you can crack that yourself, then writing a shopping cart to feed
into the payment system is pretty trival by comparison.

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Re: Shopping Cart woes...looking for recomendations

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I would make a custom system. If you use a standard payment gateway you can
make your own cart. I made one that gave the 5th 8th and 10th products in
the cart free (lowest value items). I would have never found one that had
this feature. Just some simple PHP / SQL can do the job with one cookie as a
refernce. Hopefully you are familar with PHP etc? Cheers, David

Re: Shopping Cart woes...looking for recomendations

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Ideally, this should be avoided at all costs. Definately, don't store
credit card numbers on any online system. Have a look at PGP if you
need stuff like this.

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Your best bet is to program one yourself. I used to maintain a shopping
cart, the problem was that everyone wanted it to do something just a
little different. (which is understandable, otherwise what makes the
merchant stand out?)

Anyhow, trying to fill the needs of all parties (and later on, company
politics) resulted in a rather huge system with bloat. (the bloat came
from company politics and a desire to change the model in mid-stream)

Discounts based on prices, totals, shipping discounts based on items, or not
based on items, shipping based on weights or blocking factors or prices (or
blocks of prices) and pretty soon you end up with a monster that is difficult
to use. All these "features" is where the "rocket science" comes in, a cart
by itself is easy to write.

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Re: Shopping Cart woes...looking for recomendations

We have a shopping system that has a pretty unique/advanced discounting
system and the ability to modify it any way we wish based on our
customer's needs.  Take a look at to get an idea of what
it can do right now and we can discuss further what you may need to get
you rolling.


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