SHARE!!! Make your daily work effective in 10 ways~~

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Make your daily work effective in 10 ways:

1. Write down what you want to do in a paper, finished one by one, and
drawing a line through after any one finished.

2. The most effective way to do it, is to do it. Yes, don't think too
much about what you should do. Just do that what you can do now AT

3. Manage your file by some file management. I suggest one, ApexBit
TagFile that you can download it from here: /
It will help you manage your files using tags and quick open a file or
quick start a software program you need. Try to drag the useful text
files, image

files, programs to it. Leave your mussy desktop forever from right

4. Don't wait to use search engine and Wikipedia to search for any
thing that you have problems.
Their url is: \,

5. Don't waste time on Forums or BBS with something chat content too

6. Try every thing before you really want to do it. Why? Yes, you can
try before you love it and so that you can find more things you want
to do and find

more thing intrests you.

7. Learn how to think yourself. I found that thinking by yourself
before you ask other people is the the most effective way to find out
the answer you want.

8. Don't make the detailed plan to much because anything is changing.

9. Sleep enough and keep a verdure status is quite important for your
work. You can regard that don't feel too tired to work as an standard.

10. Don't wait and Try THE 9 WAYS IN THE FRONT NOW!

Re: SHARE!!! Make your daily work effective in 10 ways~~

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Sod off idiot.


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Re: SHARE!!! Make your daily work effective in 10 ways~~

"Matt Probert" wrote in message
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I'm sure the idiot isn't listening. The same spam is posted to some of the
other newsgroups I visit, often with different poster names.

Looking at the message-id, do you use freenetname (or madasafish as they now
call themselves)? My very first domain was hosted with them, although I no
longer have an account with them.
Brian Cryer

OT: Ping Brian Cryer

"Brian Cryer" <> wrote:

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Yes Brian.

I have used Freenetname for many many years, now they are part of
Madasafish and for historical economic reasons it pays me to use them
as my ISP.


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