setting up my comp as a webserver

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I am trying to set up my comp as a webserver
it's a winxp sp2
I already have apache 2 webserver installed
as well as mysql 4
and php4

what else do I need to do to have my site on my comp?

Re: setting up my comp as a webserver

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and said:

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well hello mr/mrs/miss/none-of-the-above nospam it all depends where  
you're starting from and what level of answer you need.

you need (not absolutely but it's a good plan) the following ....
o domain
o name server
o fixed ip
o permission from whoever owns the network where the computer lives
o webserver listening on port 80
o a web page

so, which of those do you already have?  and which parts in particular are  
causing the pain?

I would also run a dedicated firewall unit (set up and maintained by a  
pro) between your web serving box and the outside world

William Tasso

whither a trophy?

Re: setting up my comp as a webserver

something that included:

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I assume you're just setting this up for testing purposes. You don't
need DNS set up; you can simply add entries to your
c:\windows=\system32\drivers\hosts file to create domain names.

(While we're at it, I might mention that "hosts" has a lot of
potential. You can have your mother go to "" on her
birthday, and find a page with her name and face. You can also assign
"" to

If everything is set up, you simply have to set up the httpd.conf file
to listen to for your test-purposes domain name.

If you are actually trying to run a *production* site on your own
computer, you need to run in some connectivity. The typical cable
modem offers you about 25 times as much speed FROM the internet as it
offers TO the internet - but if you're running a server, the ratio is
reversed. In order to get a 6 mbps line run into your home, you're
talking about $1000/month. It's substantially cheaper to put your
computer in a first-class data center.


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