sessions and redirecting in opera

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Hello all,

I have posted a similar question in comp.lang.php in the past, but haven't
had any response to it then. I kinda swept the problem under the rug since
then. But I would really like to resolve this issue once and for all now.

The problem might be PHP related but since I only develop applications using
PHP, I'm not a hundred percent sure. Therefor I've taken the liberty to
crosspost to comp.lang.php and alt.www.webmaster. I assume the majority of
frequent contributors of these groups have dealt with developing session
management also, so I'm kind of hoping your experience in this field might
resolve this issue.

The problem is the following:

User profiles on the site I'm developing will be publically available
through: /<username>

A users own profile (when logged in) will be available through: or (which will redirect to last url)

So when an anonymous user visits one of these last two pages, the requested
page is stored as a referer in a session and the user is redirected to /

where the user is prompted to login.

On succes it gets redirected to the stored referer url again. A pretty
common procedure I would assume.

This works fine on either IE or Firefox (windows). But in Opera I get
multiple sessions created in the database of which one *does* contains a
userId but Opera redirects back to the login page again.

Only when I manually enter the target url I do get to see the logged in
users profile page.

My application examins $_SERVER[ 'REQUEST_URI' ] to determine which page to
serve. So, after much testing, I thought it might have something to do with
Opera's favicon requests.

But after defining an extra RewriteRule

RewriteRule ^(.*)favicon.ico /images/favicon.gif [NC,L]

in my .htaccess file, the problem still persisted.

Are any of you formiliar with this issue?

I understand that this might be difficult to interpret without seeing any
code. But since the code is pretty extensive, and I haven't really narrowed
it down to a particular few lines, I thought I describe the problem without
code first. Maybe somebody has had similar experiences and knows what the
problem could be.

But if you desire to examine some code, I'ld be happy to put some up on a
filesharing server for you to view. (e.g. the session wrapper class and
other relevant code).

Thank you for your time and input.


Re: sessions and redirecting in opera

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PS.: I forgot to mention that, before redirecting, I *do* let PHP perform a

Re: sessions and redirecting in opera

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Why?  Are you using framesets?  If so, why?

I do something similar on my site, and I use Opera to test.  A
user gets a session cookie when first accessing any page on my
site.  As long as the $_SESSION array contains no login information,
some content is restricted; any attempts to access that restricted
content go to a login page.  As soon as the user logs in, $_SESSION
contains data proving that the user is logged in.  $_SESSION also
contains the last page visited and next page requested, at all
times, so it's trivial to direct the user to the proper page after
logging in, using header("Location: ");

This works for me in Opera.  At *no* time do I attempt to close the
session.  That happens only when the user logs off, in which case I
delete the session.


Re: sessions and redirecting in opera

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A good reason would be several concurrent requests (which also might be  
stylesheets, javascript, images, the lot), a website in which there are  
'heavy' pages (take a long time to load), and users are likely to have  
several windows open.

It is not strictly necessary to use session_write_close(), but a lot of  
loading problems in a PHP-heavy site can be avoided with it. And if you're  
done with a session, why not? session-closing/database-closing/unsetting  
variables are just the kind of thing that might improve performance when  
the server is stretched.

F'upped to c.l.php
Rik Wasmus

Re: sessions and redirecting in opera

amygdala wrote:

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I don't code in PHP. I have written my own session management procedures
in Perl. I will answer based on the assumption that PHP uses cookies to
manage sessions.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

(I realize I haven't snipped very well, but I don't know what to remove
and still keep my comments in context.)

Again, I don't know how PHP manages sessions, but what you are saying
here about Opera seems strange to me. If PHP is using a cookie to store
session information in the browser, then there should only be one
session. One cookie can't have multiple values.

BTW, the browser doesn't create sessions in the database. PHP is doing
that. The browser stores session information in a cookie, which can only
contain one value.

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Why? If you have stored the URL of the page you want to go to in a
cookie, you should be looking for which page to serve in that cookie.

Or are you examining $_SERVER[ 'REQUEST_URI' ] to determine what URL to
store in the cookie? Again, why? If I have a PHP script at, why doesn't that script know its own URL? Why
can't the script at simply store its own URL in
the cookie?

I may be way off base here, but your approach seems odd to me.

Re: sessions and redirecting in opera

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Standard practice: single 'point-of-entry' website, serving up pages as  
requested in the url. Saves a whole lot of code duplication, allthough it  
might decrease performance. Look at it like an index file in the root  
examing GET variables and serving up different pages according to the  
given values. Only, for more easily remembered urls for humans, and the  
kind of urls search-engines like, the url contains a pseudo-path: the  
actual path does not exists, but is handled by a script which might be  

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Never store that kind of a thing in a cookie. Use a session and just a  
session cookie, store data in the server-side session.

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Because the script might not be there? It's just a script, where the  
request finally ends up being processed can have very little to do with  
the requested URL.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

More a difference in approach, but a very normal one.
Rik Wasmus

Re: sessions and redirecting in opera

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Thanks for answering that one Rik, I couldn't have said it better. :-)

Re: sessions and redirecting in opera


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Hmm, FF & MSIE equally request that damn thing, shouldn't matter I think=

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It's very hard to say. Are you sure you're not actually using the HTTP  =

REFERER header instead of the one stored in a session? It's pretty  =

unreliable, and very easy to disabled in Opera, i.e. the server never ge=
ts  =

this header. (Don't know wether it's a standard settings, it's a setting=
 I  =

use nonetheless, and stored under'quick preferences', so easily accessab=
le  =

for normal users). Another easily accessed Opera feature is to disable  =

redirecting. If you're relying on it to transfer the user to another pag=
e,  =

but don't exit your script after the redirect, chances are that in Opera=

it might come across as 'the same page again'. So on a redirect, always =
do  =

something like:

$target = ' ';
header("Location: $target");
echo 'You're be redirected to '.$target.'. Click <a  =

href=3D"'.$target.'">here</a> if it doesn't work';
exit; //<-----IMPORTANT!

A very easy mistake to make is also differnce in domain (for instance wi=
th  =

or without 'www.' in front of it, cookies that are sent vie https aren't=

set by http and vice versa).

If that doesn't work, I'd set up a testpage instead of the normal redire=
ct  =

to /user/login/, and instead of redirecting, dump the session-id & the  =

$_SESSION array, and exit. That might give you some insight in what  =


It could be a path issue for the cookie also though (as /profile &  =

/user/login are different, maybe the cookie is set carelessly, and there=

are 2 different cookies for the differents paths)... If you use  =

LiveHTTPHeaders in FF or Fiddler in MSIE, what do you see as Set-Cookie =


If all fails, I'd appreciate a live example, as I'm quite an Opera-fan, =

and I can't let this slide :P

f'upped to comp.lang.php BTW.
-- =

Rik Wasmus

Re: sessions and redirecting in opera

I ran into a login-related problem with NN4 about 6 years ago. This
was with an ASP site. The problem might be similar enough to suggest
somethig helpful:

I used a frameset that consisted of two frames. Everything was from
the same domain. On frame offered help links (that didn't require a
login). The other frame offered a login screen. Upon a successful
login, the login page was replaced by the applicaiton home page (in
the same frame). We were using the standard ASP Session to keep track
of the login.

This worked very well in IE and NN *** until *** we added SSL to
protect the login page. To do this, the login page url changed from to .
The rest of the site url's remained the same. That broke the login
with NN4.  It still worked fine with IE.

In NN4, the browser cookie was apparantly not getting set to record
the session id and thus the login state was lost. I experimented, but
was not able to come up with a simple solution. We ended up replacing
the frameset with a simple login page (no frameset). This allowed the
login to work in NN4 (cookie saved, even with SSL). Once logged in,
the user was redirected to the actual application, which then loaded
the frameset and two frames (help and application).

It looked like the problem was caused by bad vibes between NN4,
frames, SSL and cookies. I never found a smoking gun. I just changed
the design, which was not great to begin with.

BTW, I stopped using framesets almost 5 years ago. I stopped
supporting NN4 about 4 years ago. Haleluja!

I hope this helps.

Gerard Vignes

Re: sessions and redirecting in opera

On Fri, 10 Aug 2007 18:47:24 +0200,  

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The domain is not necessarily . A  
cookie might be set for both or just one.

For PHP -> check wether session.cookie_secure is set (will only be sent  
over https) or off (will be sent to both). See also  
< , for more detailed  
explanation about cookies & their parameters.

Rik Wasmus

Re: sessions and redirecting in opera

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Re: sessions and redirecting in opera

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I don't use frames. Like you point out later on: haleluja!! ;-)

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I don't use SSL either. But thanks for your input anyway.

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