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I've a domain name that has an email host somewhere, but no website and
now I'd like to have a website, but host it someplace different than
where the email is being hosted. What do I need to do in terms of
changing the DNS record? Should I point the name servers of the web
host to the email hosting company? And what should be changed with the
"A" record, if any?


Re: Separate web and email host

mike.bratanata wrote:

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Say your mail server is and your web server is, then
you want to set up your domain like this:        A        MX    10    A        CNAME

If you've got a backup mail server at, then:        A        MX    10        MX    20    A    A        CNAME

Note that "MX" records always need to point to a FQDN, not to an IP

This is a fairly common sort of configuration -- I'd say that there are
more organisations with separate servers for mail and web than there are
that host both on the same server.

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Fleeing from the madness of the  jungle
and said:

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it certainly is.

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I'd like to think you're right.  However, there's still a shedload of  
sites on cheap hosts that run the whole shebang including DNS on one  

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Re: Separate web and email host

If your registrar does not allow your to manipulate DNS stuff (like
name servers, A records, MX, etc), you can use or for free (you will have to change your name servers to get
it to work, they will give you the anme severs to use).

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Re: Separate web and email host

Sign Generator wrote:


Would you please start quoting?
I have no idea if this has been asked of you before, so maybe you're
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Els wrote:
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I don't know about others, but I killfiled him.  Got tired of trying to
figure out what he was talking about.

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