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I was wondering if any of you SEO guru's could take a quick look at my
website and give me some feedback? /



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And lo, eT didst speak in alt.www.webmaster:

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Validating code is not a pre-requisite for ranking high, but it is often  
an indicator of a number of bad practices which can hinder robots from  
indexing your site efficiently.


The technical axiom that nothing is impossible sinisterly implies the  
pitfall corollory that nothing is ridiculous.
- - Orca Knowledgebase: Completely CSS styleable  
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Re: SEO Eval Request

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Looks like you're a guru yourself, I'm not exactly a guru, but you're doing
everything right from what I can see, H1 tags, meta tags, keyword densities,
a DIV layout instead of tables, good copy etc etc   Well done!

Maybe a site map would help and some more inbound links with your keywords
in the link text, plus a DMOZ listing, then you'll be ready to take over the

mwoao ha ha ha!

Re: SEO Eval Request

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and alt tags.

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